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Reopening – harnessing changes and digital solutions

Courtesy of Hospitality Insights, Dr Achim Schmitt

Given the pandemic’s implications and different dynamics linked to the reopening of hospitality markets, we expect that consumer profiles and demands will probably change in comparison to the pre-COVID 19 situation. For instance, domestic tourists have different needs and service expectations compared to international tourists. Future local service-offerings need to include this national dimension in their offers. In addition, hoteliers must consider an intensification of digital solutions in their business.

  • Virtual tourist guides, specific service apps, virtual menus, automated check-ins and paperless payment systems are potential areas where human touchpoints can be decreased while increasing service experiences and efficiency.
  • At the same time, the individual needs of the customer dictate the intensity of the digital experience. The use of technology can become a double-edged sword: it’s beneficial to innovate in terms of service and create cost synergies, but it can also destroy loyal customer groups that adapted in the past to a specific service experience and now feel lost in the impersonal, technological world.
  • Those who know how to combine innovation and profitability will be winners. Realistically speaking, post-COVID-19 consumers will be more open to the use of technology based on health regulations.

Whilst preparing for the comeback, industry professionals must not forget one fundamental rule that built their past success: good service is based on friendly staff and happy clientele. Knowing their customers’ concerns, adapting operational processes to their new needs, and building a competitive advantage around them will mainly depend on how well business owners can listen and interact. Service is all about people – this is a basic fact that will remain so despite the many changes brought on by the post-COVID 19 world!

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